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"Tudor Arghezi" High School was founded on September 1, 1961, so our school has a tradition of 49 years in the Romanian education.

Our school has access to any information, is connected to the Internet, having a school library with over 20 000 books or magazines.

Laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology, and the 26 offices and specialized rooms, library with reading room, modern furnishings and accessories appropriate European standards.

In the yard there are school recreation areas, but more land for individual or collective practice of various sports (tennis, volleyball, handball, football, athletics). The two gyms have air conditioning can facilitate performance sport (gymnastics, collective sports, etc.) as well as maintaining physical condition using fitness equipment.

The students attending “Tudor Arghezi” High School are between 6 and 19 years old. The school is organized on three levels: primary school, with students between 6/7 and 10/11, middle school or lower secondary school with students between 10/11 and 14/15 and high school or upper secondary school with students aged between 14/15 and 18/19. The upper secondary school has got 24 classes, six per each level of study and the students specialize in two domains:

Humane studies -with two branches: Philology (2 classes ) and Social Studies(1 class);

Science studies - with two branches : Mathematics-Computer Studies (2 classes) and Science (1 class).

Material resources of the school

No. of classes: 25;
No. of laboratories: 4;
No. of Computer Science laboratories: 3 (Internet connection);
Gymnasiums/Sports Halls : 2
Counselling Service for students
School library
Medical office
School radio: “Our Voice”

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